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Strategic Planning

Arden Consulting believes organizational alignment is the heart of successful strategic planning and the power source behind timely implementation. Organizational alignment occurs when individuals within the organization are committed to organization goals, and coordinated in the execution of strategies. Strategic planning is a powerful tool for creating organization alignment and sustaining direction over time. Organization alignment looks different in each organization based on its unique history, culture and aspirations.

Arden Consulting uses the following philosophy to guide strategic planning processes:

  • Engage both the head and heart.
  • Strike a balance between starting with a blank sheet of paper and simply editing the old plan.
  • Create a vision of where the organization wants to go through articulation of shared goals, as opposed to problem solving current issues.
  • Establish collaborative partnerships with leaders, participants and implementers so all will feel ownership of the process and results.
  • Expand participation in the process to ensure all points of view are represented and there is widespread commitment to the future vision.
  • Establish communication processes that ensure the alignment effort is public, complete, and comprehensive.

In carrying out this strategic planning philosophy Arden Consulting has a depth of knowledge in strategic planning approaches. In addition, principles from a wide range of organization change literature are integrated in strategic planning processes conducted by Arden Consulting. Particular success has been found with tools and techniques developed in the field of organizational learning.

Arden Consulting prides itself on conducting strategic planning in an environment of openness, trust and honesty. It is often the case that "undiscussables" are not addressed in strategic planning processes, even though these are the very issues that are most likely to undermine the effectiveness of the effort. We have found that strategic planning is the ideal venue to address the most intractable and sensitive issues facing an organization. Arden Consulting is highly skilled at helping groups surface and deal with these issues.


Creating organizational alignment is critical to successful strategic planning
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