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Arden Consulting is known for providing outstanding support for client needs by designing creative solutions responsive to the unique circumstances facing organizations. Extensive experience enables Arden Consulting to respond to a range of situations with a breadth of knowledge and skills.

Arden Consulting believes that a strong partnership between the consultant and the client is the key to success. This partnership ensures the consultant has a thorough understanding of the organizational context before a project is initiated and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. The collaborative relationship focuses on ways to best combine what the consultant and client system can bring to the presenting situation. Arden Consulting ensures success by involving key stakeholders in the design and implementation process.

Arden Consulting does not apply cookie cutter or one size fits all approaches. Arden Consulting has a depth of knowledge of "best practice" models and is able to draw on those in assessing each organization's unique situation. Arden Consulting follows the principle of building "just enough" process into team experiences and training. Overly complex, time-consuming approaches - that often fail from the sheer weight of maintaining them - are avoided.

Arden Consulting is known for a high level of energy and enthusiasm that is brought to the work. This energy invigorates client systems and makes the process enjoyable for participants. Our clients report that they experience results in two key areas:

  • Increased capacity to attain organization goals is achieved through processes that clarify organization priorities and create commitment.
  • Increased ability to sustain a focus on change efforts and on organization productivity is achieved through organization development strategies that are applied in an authentic manner that connects with the people and culture of the organization.


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