Nedra Weinstein

I believe that Nedra has two primary strengths. The first is that she is remarkably deft at de-personalizing the process of communicating and resolving conflict. Nedra moves people to understand that conflict resolution is simply problem solving—no different from doing a puzzle or modeling a spreadsheet—that no one is “at fault,” and that the challenge is to listen, understand, and collaborate on different ways to skin the cat to get to a resolution. I have seen countless groups completely liberated by her training, finally able to problem solve collaboratively and actually enjoy the conflict resolution process.

Her second gift is that she absolutely loves what she does, and she infects the people around her with enthusiasm and excitement for learning, growing, and advancing the enterprise. Her creativity in facilitating workshops and trainings is truly inspiring, and her wealth of knowledge in her area of expertise is so vast that she can capture the minds and spirits of groups as cynical as a bunch of introverted computer programmers or skeptical journalists. She is energetic, funny and warm, but also unapologetically frank—while always affectionate, she never sugar coats, and people respect her all the more for it.

President | BeClose

Nedra Weinstein is an excellent coach and facilitator of change and transition efforts. I utilize her every chance I can. She's been my favorite consultant to work with for over seven years and I've involved her in a variety of efforts throughout the department. Nedra is not only smart, she is creative and flexible. Her range of experience makes her a quick study in group dynamics. She is not afraid to ask tough questions in a manner that are not threatening. She is very good at keeping a group on task without alienating the participants. She does not make assumptions about the conclusions of a project. Her expertise in the organizational development area is a tremendously valuable resource to our organization. I wish I could hire her permanently on my staff because her talents are many and her skills are top notch! I would highly recommend Nedra for consulting work on many organizational issues, from simple to complex.

Executive Director
 | Advocates for Children & Youth

Nedra Weinstein is a top notch organizational development specialist. Not only is she an expert in her field, she is very adaptable and able to reach all types/styles of people. Because during her career she has worked in the corporate for profit and non-profit worlds, she knows first hand the challenges of the workplace. Adding that to her professional background, she's exceptional.

Vice President | PBS

I will miss our regular check ins, but you have given me so much more confidence in my own ability to be a good coach for myself. Your coaching has been a huge help to me in the last few months. You are really great at it!! I am going to trust this process and remind myself of the need to do that regularly!! Here's to growth!

Senior Manager | DC School System

I had a great time working with you on this project. You have made more of a contribution to our Department and the citizens we serve than any consultant I have worked with in my 21 years with Park and Planning. Thank you Nedra, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a "class act."

Director | MNCPPC

The last thing I want to say.......thank you, thank you, thank you. You were great.
I am a huge Nedra fan...always will be.

Director | MNCPPC

On behalf of my organization and myself, thank you for a great long range planning retreat. It was truly the best retreat we have had and I attribute it to you. You are an extremely effective facilitator. Because of you, we were productive, discussed new and good ideas and hopefully, will develop & implement a strategic plan.

President | Maryland Trial Lawyers Association

Just wanted to tell you I think you are incredible. You have so many strengths, and watching you in action is great. I've learned much from you--and this organization is incredibly lucky, and so am I.

Associate Director | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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