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Change Management

Arden Consulting believes management of change is the central issue facing most organizations. The array of consulting services offered by Arden Consulting all play a roll in helping organizations change and move forward. Arden Consulting is highly skilled at combining consulting interventions in a synergistic manner. For example, strategic planning may be more effective if complimented by leadership and team development activities. And, training activities may further the effectiveness of plan implementation. The services available from Arden Consulting should not be viewed in isolation. Depending on the circumstances, elements of a number of services may be combined in an overall design.

Arden Consulting has a depth of knowledge and experience in understanding change processes. Consulting services offered by Arden Consulting draw on a rich research and theory base of organizational change. This theory base informs the design of services and programs in a practical manner to the issues at hand. Arden Consulting strives to de-mystify the change process and utilizes visual tools that make change models easy to understand and use.

A dilemma of organizations is that while individuals make up an organization, an organization needs to operate as a whole. Finding ways to determine direction and develop commitment to a shared vision, are crucial activities in all organizations. This is especially true as organizations change. Arden Consulting pays close attention to this dilemma through strategies that draw out individual strengths in service to collective organization goals. Our ability to create a non-threatening environment in which to discuss change encourages personal honesty and trust in the process. This all works to develop personal investment in change instead of resistance.

Arden Consulting works collaboratively with clients to achieve their vision through effective strategies, processes and people. A goal of our consulting relationships is to empower individuals and organizations to manage change by providing them with effective knowledge and skills. As individuals and organizations build capacity in this area, desired changes are easier to achieve and forward movement is more assured.


Our ability to create a non-threatening environment in which to discuss change encourages honesty and trust in the process
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