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Leadership and Team Development

Arden Consulting has extensive experience working with groups, teams, and team leaders to clarify and align purpose, goals and actions. Enhancing team effectiveness often involves productively addressing interpersonal issues that are blocking progress. In addition, team effectiveness grows through clarification of the distinct roles of members of the team. Highly productive and lasting work agreements are a common outcome of leadership and team development work.

Arden Consulting has a task-oriented focus as it works with teams. In a very efficient manner Arden Consulting enables leaders and team members to determine the ways they can best operate in service to their goals. Our approach emphasizes ongoing learning by reflecting on things that are working well and assessing the reasons other things are not working well. A focus on the future, ongoing improvement, and sustained team learning, are outcomes that further team development.

Arden Consulting believes that data gathering is an important element to delivery of leadership and team development services. Data gathered by a consultant frequently results in unexpected insights into the organization, its culture and personal viewpoints. The depth of understanding that is gained helps to pinpoint the unique issues facing the team, organization and its leaders. A range of survey techniques may be used, ranging from written instruments to one-on-one or group interviews.

Arden Consulting applies the results of surveys and interviews to design and customize leadership and team development programs with the client. These programs seek to, first, increase the effectiveness of each individual on the team, and second, improve the overall performance of the team. "Real-time" issues facing the team and organization that are uncovered in the data gathering stage greatly enhance the relevance of the program for participants.

Arden Consulting has expertise in working with teams that are geographically dispersed using distance communication technologies and tools. The principal of Arden Consulting has written several articles and has done a number of presentations on the artistry of dispersed team development.


Enhancing team effectiveness involves productively addressing interpersonal issues
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