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Group Facilitation

Arden Consulting believes clear meeting design and careful structured agendas are key to assisting client systems hold productive meetings, including routine meetings, off-sites, and retreats. Arden Consulting applies the following criteria to guide the design and facilitation of meetings:

  • Identify and address organizational needs in a manner that moves the organization in the direction of the desired change.
  • Form collaborative partnerships with leaders, sponsors and implementers so participants will feel ownership for meeting results.
  • Develop tangible outcomes for meetings.
  • Create links between agenda items.
  • Use a variety of learning methods that engage the head and heart.
  • Use experiential activities as a metaphor to simulate the workplace and the specific issues the group is addressing.
  • Use appropriate facilities and meeting rooms that are conducive to achieving the outcomes.
  • Clarify meeting outcomes and establish action items and next steps to assist with follow-through.

Arden Consulting frequently incorporates an experiential learning approach to facilitation of meetings. This engaging approach enables participants to "learn by doing" and to be action-oriented instead of passive in the meeting. Arden Consulting is known for having a creative and inventive style in the design of meeting programs. In addition, our ability to make highly perceptive comments at just the right time helps to raise group awareness of issues and interpersonal dynamics. Our expert facilitation skills take full advantage of the "here and now" moments that are so memorable and such powerful factors to group learning. In addition, Arden Consulting has extensive experience working with large groups and formulating approaches that allow all individuals to be involved through small group break out sessions.


We utilize experiential activities as a metaphor to simulate the issues within the workplace
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